• Louis Baca

Helping You Across The Grand Canyon

Every day I do exercises in depth perception. Going from a 50,000-foot view to a super zoomed-in close-up look at my job continually expands my awareness. From the 50,000 foot view, I see that there is a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between renters that WANT to buy a home and renters that are READY to buy. 

Unfortunately, there are very few bridges to cross over to homeownership even in today's age of information. The reason is most first-time homebuyers don't know where to start, so they seek out a real estate agent. The agent will ask you two questions: 

1. When are you looking to buy? 2. Have you been pre-approved for the loan?

Once you contact the bank, if your credit score isn't high enough, the chances are slim that you'll receive a call back from the Loan Officer. More than likely, you will be emailed or called from their credit repair partner or an assistant that will tell you why you don't qualify.

Neither of these helps you understand how you need to get there. Credit repair can cost thousands of dollars to pay someone else to update items reporting on your credit report. You aren't dishing out thousands of dollars for an education that will enable you to handle your credit issues down the road either.  

Your credit score impacts how much you pay in interest and insurance down the road so wouldn't it be beneficial to understand what influences your score? Afterall, everyone's credit report is like their fingerprint. It is unique to you and you alone. 

If you've struggled to get the right information to buy a house down the road, contact us today! We have one of the top certified credit experts in the country to help you understand your credit report and score. We also have loan officers that are vested in you becoming a homeowner. 

The market is continually changing and knowing what loan programs are available is our job, not yours. We are here to provide you the options and information so you can make the educated decision.

Let us guide you through the homebuying process to help convert you from a renter to an empowered homeowner! We have programs for self-employed, foreign nationals, investors, doctors, rural housing, rehabilitation/renovation loans, construction loans, commercial loans, multi-family loans, first-time homebuyers, and many more!

Call today at 214-395-7630! Apply now and get an answer in less than 15 minutes! 

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