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A Guide to Open Houses

When it comes to finding the right home, open houses can be a great way to figure out what the market has to offer. 

Open Houses may be the key to the market and finding a new home.

They can be found using real estate websites by searching under the key words, “Open House.”  However, since open houses are common during the weekends, you might have a good chance of finding them by driving around in your target location.  Although attending an open house can be exciting, there are a few things you need consider when attending one. 


The first and most important step before attending an open house is getting pre-approved with a lender.  Getting approved is easier that most people think and can give you peace of mind while shopping for your new home.  It is valuable to know what you can qualify for and it will give you more confidence knowing that you can afford the monthly payments associated with the house. 

Questions to Ask 

Whether the open house is hosted by agents or owners, a great way to get the conversation started and learn about the house is to ask:

  1. Can you tell me more about the house?  This will lead up to any other questions you might have.  In addition, be sure to ask:

  2. Are there any issues with the house?  The agent or owner should be open with you about any issues in regards to the house.  Be sure to notice any hesitation in their answers.  Any hesitation may indicate and underlying problem with the home.  Another good way to find out more about the details of the house is to ask:

  3. May I see the Sellers Property Disclosure?    The Sellers Property Disclosure will usually expose any issues with the home that are not visible at your first walk through.  For example, the disclosure will tell you structural specifics like past weather damage, the age of the roof, any damage due to termites or wild life.  In addition, it will also give you information on their appliances, heating systems, and so much more. 

-Bruce “Comical Cents” Lam

Bruce Lam Geneva Financial, LLC.  Senior Loan Officer

318 W FM 544 BLDG D STE 4 Murphy, TX 75094

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