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Why you should use a Certified Divorce Lending Professional

As A Certified Divorce Lending Professional Louis brings the financial knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce and Family Law, IRS Tax Rules, and mortgage financing strategies as they all relate to real estate and divorce. Having Louis as a CDLP on your professional divorce team can provide you the benefit of:

  • Being trained to recognize potential legal and tax implications with regards to mortgage financing in divorce situations.

  • Skilled in specific mortgage guidelines as they pertain to divorcing clients.

  • Ability to identify potential concerns with support/maintenance structures that may conflict with mortgage financing opportunities.

  • Louis can guide you on how to avoid potential capital gains concerns with regards to the disposition of marital real estate.

  • Louis can help you implement a strategic divorce settlement agreement ensuring the best opportunities to secure mortgage financing post decree.

  • As a CDLP Louis is able to recommend financing strategies helping divorcing clients identify mortgage financing opportunities for maintaining current marital home while helping to ensure the ability to achieve future financing for departing spouse.

  • A CDLP is qualified to work with divorce professionals in a collaborative setting.

  • Louis can provide opportunities in restructuring a real estate portfolio to increase available cash flow when needed.

  • Louis maintains a commitment to remaining educated and up to date in the ever changing industry guidelines and tax rules as they pertain to divorce situations.

  • As a CDLP Louis is committed to providing a higher level of service to you and your divorcing clients.

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