James Pagan, Certified FICO Professional.

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James received an FCRA Certification from the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) in 2008.

In 2011, the FICO National Certification program: The Certified FICO® Professional (FICO Pro). This program is designed to recognize individuals who have a strong understanding of FICO® scores and how the FICO® score impacts both the lender and the consumer.

From 2012 to 2018, Credit Expert Witness Certifications under direct training from Credit Expert John Ulzheimer. 

Credit Report What-IF-Simulator Expertise.


Predicts the impact of changes; Provides time-line flexibility; Simulates multiple actions simultaneously


Get all the right FACTS about your credit scores and score models!



  1. Why is my consumer credit score SO different than the mortgage banks?

  2. Can checking my own consumer credit report lower my score?

  3. What is an inquiry?

  4. What type of credit inquiries impact credit scores?

  5. Will paying a medical collection improve my score?

  6. How many credit cards should I have?

  7. How can I improve my credit score the right way?


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It’s FREE!!! Most of the general population don’t have all the facts about credit reporting and how it works!


If there’s one thing I’m very passionate about, it’s educating homebuyers and homeowners how to improve their credit so they can save money!  With that being said, I very much appreciate my time and money, so I promise not to waste any of yours.” 


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