About me

Louis Baca believes in doing things right the first time…which includes writing his own bio. Don’t worry; he doesn't typically speak in the third person, but all the reputable bio-writing experts highly recommended it. And since Louis takes pride in being open to sound and proven advice from the professionals, here he is, awkwardly writing about himself in the third person!


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into what makes Louis the right person to help you get a home loan. We’ll start with his experience, which he has plenty of. More specifically, since 2005, Louis has spent well over 25,000 hours working to become an expert in mortgage finance. This makes him fully capable and qualified to help you decide on the best option for your home financing needs.


Each day, Louis is in the trenches helping people just like you to take a closer look at their situation, drawing from his decade-plus experience to provide guidance throughout the process. If you're lucky enough to find a loan officer like Louis, following his stress-free methods will ensure you have a great experience from beginning to end! 


If asked to offer a bit of advice to someone unfamiliar with financing real estate, he would tell them to not overthink it and to just get started. The beginning of any journey starts with the first step, which in this case is simply filling out a quick online application.


It's not necessarily a matter of IF you can get qualified. It’s more a matter of WHEN you can get qualified, and Louis wants you to know that he will help you every step of the way! Oh, he also wants to mention that he is licensed in 28 states, so check out his map to see if he can help you get a mortgage in your area! 

Step 1

Connect with me! Whatever the method, social media, email, phone, I'm here to help guide you from start-to-finish! 

Step 2

Complete the online application. Be accurate as possible. A 2-year address and employment are required on ALL loans.  

Step 3

Send all of the required documentation needed throughout the process. No pictures or cut-off pages. Scan, fax, email, or mail. 

Step 4

Tell everyone you know how easy I made it for you! It's not rocket science which is why none of your friends and family should be renting!

How did you begin your career in real estate finance?

I began as a Loan Officer Assistant in 2005, working at a branch of FlexPoint Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. I played basketball a couple of times each week with a Loan Officer and one day he mentioned that he was hiring an assistant. After six months of working alongside him, I became a loan officer.


For the next three years, I worked in the Phoenix metroplex and in 2008, during the heart of the financial recession, I decided to double down and moved to Dallas, Texas.

What brought you to Dallas, Texas?

I was offered a position and relocated to Dallas, Texas to work with the #1 national Producer Rodney Anderson. Over the next six years, I worked alongside Rodney and we helped thousands of people with their financing needs. The knowledge and experience I gained through my mentorship with Rodney I am forever grateful for.

How did you become a Producing Branch Manager?

In 2014, we decided to expand operations and I opened up a national branch. That was a year filled with growth. I remember thinking, okay, I need to get licensed in all these states and then get business out of all these states, where do I begin?


The first month, I didn't take any tests nor did I close any loans. I was kind of frozen with where to start. Over the next two months, I closed twelve loans and got licensed in 43 states! I stayed up late pretty much every night, studying for the tests. Some of the states, I didn't even have study material and had to research the material online by reading the state laws. Let's just say the testing center got to know me on a first name basis!


For the next three years, I grew production to $16.5M annually and was offered the opportunity to bring Geneva Financial to DFW. The next natural progression for me was to expand operations to include a larger portfolio of products and commercial loans and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What does a Producing Branch Manager job entail?

As a producing manager, I originate loans as well as head a team of loan officers and our operations staff for a branch of the company. There are many things to do during the day, from helping teammates advance loans in the process to marketing for new business. Each day is new and always seems to come with unique opportunities!

How do you feel about emerging technology that is automating the mortgage process?

Automation is nothing new to me. In 2012, I had six patent applications filed with the US Patent Office in an attempt to create the first e-mortgage system. However, at the time, the mortgage industry was under scrutiny with over 350 laws that changed pertaining to real estate (mostly the finance side) in 2010.


Banks were mainly concerned about staying compliant and not disrupting an already disrupted industry that was just trying to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.


There are still many potential problems facing mortgage automation that I don't feel the industry is taking seriously right now, such as the fact that your mortgage can single-handedly be the determining factor to position yourself for retirement in a day and age where retirement is becoming a fading dream.


Leaving this important decision to an algorithm doesn't provide the necessary tailored approach that working with an experienced professional loan officer will give. 

Why should I work with you for my mortgage needs?

Although, when obtaining a mortgage, it is required that you go through a Loan Officer, it is up to you work with whom you want.  I have positioned myself to maximize on helping the people that come to me for their financing needs.


This starts with access to money. I have access to almost all residential loan types and commercial. Whether self-employed, a seasoned investor, a first-time homebuyer, or last-time homebuyer, I have the loan options to fit your needs. How can you really know what options you have, if you go to a lender that has limited access to money?


It is my passion to save people money and help calibrate their financial lives to put them on the path of wealth building. There is a mega-crisis happening with personal debt as the cost of living continually increases year after year and personal income continues to grow at a much slower pace.


This is not a transaction. This is your financial life and your housing expense typically is one of the largest expenses you'll experience, which is why I focus on it being a great experience for every person that contacts me. This explains why the majority of my business comes to me by referral from people all over the country that I've worked with over the past 14 years!